Keep your workforce engaged and active during these strange times
Sarah Jones
Accounts Department
8,150 steps
Jennifer Brown
HR Department
6,220 steps
Peter Johnson
3,700 steps

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Ready. Set. Go!

Do you want your company to walk to the moon and back? Or circumnavigate Africa? With StepSense, the goal is yours to set. Dream big, because the only limits are the ones that you set.

Your employees download StepSense from the App or Play Store, enter your unique challenge code and register for your company challenge. All their steps, flights climbed and calories burned are aggregated and displayed on the leaderboard.

Participate individually, as a team, business unit or per country with real-time leaderboards to keep everyone informed and motivated.

In a nutshell

The ultimate step challenge for you, your team or organisation. Equip your employees with the knowledge, tools and support they need to build new healthy habits.

Employee wellbeing

We support your corporate health and wellness initiatives and objectives. Helping to change culture and assisting ongoing wellbeing of your employees.

Our Fun Facts


We have run over 100 challenges across the globe from small companies to Fortune 200 companies.

12 billion

Over 12 billion steps accurately counted. And while you're reading this we've probably added another 5000 steps :-)


85% of employees say StepSense had a positive impact on their life and relationship with exercise.


of our StepSense participants say they want to participate again.


of StepSense users said it made their company a better place to work.


of steppers said teamwork and collegue interaction improved during and after a step challenge.

On your marks

StepSense works on any Android phone (5.0 or later) and any iPhone (5s and up). Onboarding is quick and easy - just a few steps and you are in the challenge.

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14 languages supported

Launch your challenge anywhere in the world

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Personal dashboard

Participant's own personal dashboard with history view of target achievement, steps taken and flights climbed.

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Challenge progress visualisation

Remember, you create the challenge - let your company walk from any point A to any point B. Along the way, we present interesting facts and other information as the journey unfolds in real-time.

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Real-time leaderboards

Individual and team leaderboards for most steps taken, most flights climbed and most points earned.

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Personal profiles

Each individual participant and team gets their own profile with progress pictures and avatar.

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Health and Wellness Articles

An incredible archive of healthy tips, news, recipes from our LifeArmor collection.

Our clients

Every month we feature 5 clients using StepSense Challenge Engine to run company challenges.

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Contact Us.

Keep your workforce engaged and active during these strange times. We'd love to hear from you and set up a demo for your staff to try out before you make a decision.

Angela Burns
Accounts Department
10,150 steps
25 flights
357 calories
Team: Superheroes
7 team members
5th on the leaderboard